Decrees and Songs of the Seven Rays

Decrees and Songs of the Seven Rays

Expand the Fire of Your Heart

Seven CDs containing prayers, decrees and songs to the archangels, elohim and masters of the seven rays. Each CD comes with a booklet of words to the songs and decrees.

Over the years the ascended masters and archangels have talked about using the recordings of decrees and songs with Elizabeth Clare Prophet to meet many needs: healing, protection and transmutation of world karma to name just a few.

“Freedom is always hard won, as is true illumination. Therefore the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas have raised up the kindling fire of the crown; and we bring our crown chakras as we walk, almost physical, through the earth this day, those Buddhas in heaven and all of their disciples. And the fire of our crown chakras is as the fire of a candle and we make ourselves fiery candles walking, walking through the earth.

I bid you, then, take the tape of decrees on the Second Ray of illumination that we have called for and that is now manifest and I also bid you, as a messenger of the Eightfold Path and of the Inner Buddha and of the Holy Christ Self, vow to carry that flame of wisdom, of illumination (which is of wise dominion and of illumined action). Messengers are ye all of the Middle Way, tethering not to the right or to the left of the world's various isms but knowing that Truth is above them all.” – Gautama Buddha, Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 32, no. 29

Yes, beloved, let the violet flame multiply! And it will multiply if you spin those tape recordings of the violet flame and even join in now and then as you play them in your homes and cars. It is well to decree much of the time, but if you cannot, use the amplification systems of the technology of Saint Germain to amplify that sound.

For after all, it is sound–and it is sound charged with the light of the altar of this Community and the light of the ark of the covenant–it is sound, beloved, that can neutralize the sound, though you hear it not, that is pouring forth over radio waves and other vibrations, carrying rock music and the voices of Death and Hell. Yes, beloved, sound is power! And you have endowed and can continue to endow [the production of] your music and decree tapes with your voices, with your light, with your expert recordings and send them around the world!

O play them, beloved, and keep them with you. And do not think of decreeing those decrees that are on those tapes without those tapes, because [the number of voices recorded establishes] the multiplication factor of the power of each decree on every tape. And therefore, all of the original voices who recorded [that decree] and all who around the planet are giving it are multiplying [your effort] as [all together you become] one [Mystical Light Body of God]. And therefore see how the multiplication will continue [by the power of your Oneness in God and the unison you achieve in using the decree-and-song tapes]. You must, therefore, in view of the fewer numbers [decreeing on planet earth] than we would like, use your minds, use your ingenuity and make these tapes count for an entire planetary body of sound!

Blessed ones, if the fallen ones could sink Atlantis by the misuse of sound, then you can see Atlantis rise by the correct use of sound!Pearl of Wisdom Beloved Oromasis and Diana – Vol. 34 No. 44

“Thus, all who know the power of the spoken Word, those who know how to give the calls to Astrea, those who will use our CDs, our tapes—blessed ones, let it be done, let it begin, let it happen now. Let us not tarry, for this is our weapon. It is the power of the Word, who is the Logos, the power of the Word in the Beginning!

“So: ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God….And all things were made by him.' All things were made by him, beloved, and all things may be undone by him, but you are at the nexus when that decision has not yet been made. You are at the nexus when you can count for everything.” – Beloved Sanat Kumara – Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 44 No. 46

Decrees and Songs of the Seven Rays

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