To Dare and To Do

To Dare and To Do

This excerpt by Lord Lanto from the book, Understanding Yourself is published in the 1969 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 12 No. 35.

Mastering Your Own World

One of the problems involved in lunar influence is the tendency of people to identify with their moods. The student of the light must come apart from the world of moods. He must learn that by attuning his consciousness with the divine nature he can reverse the tide of his human moods and become the master rather than the slave of his feelings.

Unfortunately, those who practice self-analysis often lack the necessary objectivity when it comes to their own personalities. Even men of science—skilled in the practice of medicine and psychiatry and those who have been trained in psychology, philosophy, and the physical and social sciences—are seldom able to solve their own problems. This is because they plunge headlong into a subjective sense of their problems and lose all perspective in matters in which they are emotionally involved.

We therefore advocate the cultivation of a deliberate sense of detachment from the self, especially during those crucial periods when one must ask oneself the question “What is acting in my world?” When you can recognize any problem for what it is as though it were happening to someone else, you will find that it will have less hold upon you and you will be able to rise above the downward pull of mood moments.

Your own Holy Christ Self and your beloved God Presence are eager to have you become the master of your own world that you might be able to see just what is acting there when vicious forces, whether of your own or of another’s creation, seek to subvert the levels of spiritually progressive happiness that you desire to manifest.

The course of the highest love, as it meanders through the personal labyrinth where self-identification has created its own canyon walls, is naturally restrained to conform to the confinements of the self. Yet it must be borne in mind that the highest power is the highest power, the highest love is the highest love and it is able to overflow the banks of self-imposed limitation and to inundate the soul with the purifying energies of the Holy Spirit.

To Dare and To Do

The tendency of people to identify with the lowest common denominator of human behavioral patterns, whether their own worst deeds or another’s, is contrary to divine principle. Therefore to dare and to do must still be the fervent cry of the man of the Spirit who would advance over all obstacles including his own self-woven shrouds of negation. Once and for all the soul cries out, “I want to be free!” But with each new challenge it seems to be confronted with an impenetrable door whose mysterious face will not yield to the hungry and thirsty traveler.

In reality, the time and tide that wait for no man are vehicles of divine opportunity. When a balanced understanding of divine love and life is maintained during periods of personal struggle and social upheaval, the fiery intensity of cosmic intention is able to burn through the obstacles in self and society without scorching the evolving consciousness of men. But this is true only when the disciple is able to stand aside. Carefully balanced on the razor’s edge of pure reason, he is able to keep the flame of life on behalf of many innocent souls. He is in the world, but he is not of the world, and from this vantage point he perceives the need to defend his cosmic rights against the forces which would defraud him and all mankind of their divine inheritance. He knows that the strength that is sufficient for the day will be forthcoming through his simultaneous invocation of the assistance of heaven as a humble servant-son.

Man who dares to do the will of God ought not to dare without meekness. For the meek shall inherit the earth. The type of meekness of which we speak is that quality of graciousness which is manifest in those who know the source of their strength and use their knowledge not against other parts of life, but for the emancipation of all.

I am well aware of the fact that all of these matters appear simple on the surface, and often individuals who read our instruction are so struck by its simplicity that they cry out, “But I already know that!” almost resenting our method of teaching mankind by repetition. But let me say again, It is not what you know that counts but what you do! And if you really have the knowledge of the law, it will not be just an accretion of knowledge, a weighty tome of words partially retained in the brain and computerized for instant playback, but it will be an active state of understanding—“With all thy getting get understanding.” For it is divine understanding that makes possible the individual unfoldment of divine power in the domain of the conscious will of man. And it is divine understanding alone that assures him that he will be able to control and eventually free himself from tendencies that are destructive to the well-being of himself or others.

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