Daily Attention on Your I AM Presence

Daily Attention on Your I AM Presence

This post is a short excerpt from the in-depth lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Fourteen-Month Cycles of the Initiation of the Christed Ones through the Spheres of the Great Causal Body published in the 1984 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 56b .

Some people do not remember to give attention to their I AM Presence daily for ten minutes and then to retain that attention on the I AM Presence throughout the day. People ask me, “How do you do this?” Well, when you establish a very firm connection with Almighty God from the moment you awaken and you begin your meditation even when you are preparing yourself for your activities, and you give your decrees, it is like the background and the backdrop of your day. Whatever else your attention may be engaged in, your attention is really always on God, and everything else proceeds from that attention. And when you get into tense situations and long periods of total exertion of all of your forces, you take microseconds, split seconds, and you go back to that point of attunement and oneness. It is the anchor point of your energy and your Light. It’s like taking all of the forces of one’s being and hanging them on the hook of God and seeing that all is in an upward motion and an upward movement.

As you know, there is plenty of opposition to the crown chakra and to illumination’s flame. It comes in lethargy and sloth, heavy eating and diet making us sleepy, dulling our mental faculties, postponing the studying and the organizing of our spiritual work. But illumination is not merely the sharpening of one’s being in this octave; it is truly, through the crown chakra, oneness with the Father. It is practicing the Presence of God. And it is the Father who teaches us what we must learn from the teachings of the Son, or the Word incarnate.

And so, our goal is not merely to study, but to have the Word of the masters and to have the attunement with the Father through the crown chakra to assimilate, to know, to understand, to penetrate, to contain the essence of the Light for the supreme purpose of one’s own union with God—but even more importantly, for the purpose of having the right morsel of the Bread of Life, the right understanding, when we meet those in need on the path of life. Having this in the storehouse and treasure trove of our memory and our mind, the Holy Spirit can then release the precise wisdom for very difficult situations.

And I find as I go on in life that the challenges I discover in people and their problems become more complex, more demanding, more defying of the very presence of God which I would bring. And I realize that this is the end to which I have been prepared and to which you yourselves have been prepared: this high calling of being in the Presence of the Father and therefore always His instrument.

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