59. Coming Revolution In Higher Consciousness

  • What do you mean when you talk about the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness?
  • How widespread do you think the Coming Revolution is going to be?
  • What does Saint Germain have in mind?
  • What is your personal contact with the master Saint Germain?
  • Is Saint Germain's message for all Americans or just the few who are into mystical teachings?

What do you mean when you talk about the Coming Revolution?

Elizabeth Clare ProphetThe Coming Revolution is a revolution in higher consciousness, but it is a revolution that will affect every part of our lives because at its core is the unlocking of the energy of God that is the spark of life within the heart, the threefold flame of the Real Self.

When the individual makes contact with that Real Self, it is like the bursting forth of a fountain of light and of an energy coil that envelops the entire being and becomes a spiral of a higher self-awareness. Through this higher self-awareness we can join forces for a revolution, which is really a turning around of our way of life on earth.

Civilization today, even in America, is in a downward spiral of moral decay and degeneration. This is accompanied by a lessening sense of self-worth and the worth of life. We see this evidenced in the liberalization of abortion laws and in the controversy over euthanasia. People seem to think that human life is no longer as valuable as it was esteemed to be in our early history. This is because they have not yet discovered that their life is God, that God is life within them.

They have projected their awareness of God outside of themselves and accepted the condemnation that they are sinners, and so they experience a lessening of their individual self-worth. Hence we find a movement toward socialism, a mass consciousness, a welfare system, where the individual gets lower and lower and lower until all are finally reduced to the lowest common denominator of the human consciousness. We are told we are animals instead of sons and daughters of God made in his image and likeness.

How widespread do you think the Coming Revolution is going to be?

Earth in Violet FlameI think that the spark of this revolution, once it ignites our consciousness, is going to leap city to city around the earth, because I believe that everyone is just on the verge of contacting that inner light and that Inner Self. And contact with that Inner Self is what made Jesus the world figure that he was and is.

That same contact gave Gautama Buddha a following, a religion, an enlightenment, an energy. Energy is the key. That energy has enabled Gautama to have to this present day millions and millions of followers.

All of the great lights of history, whether scientists, artists, statesmen or doctors, have had the essential key of reverence for life. We see this, for example, in the lives of Albert Schweitzer and Mohandas Gandhi. The moment such individuals have discovered the spark of life to be within (instead of something removed) is the moment they have become effective on the world scene.

This is why the movement that we call the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness is so explosive. It is not explosive in the outer revolutionary sense; it is an inner revolution. But the inner revolution cannot help but change our entire way of life on earth because it liberates the soul force.

What does Saint Germain have in mind?

Ascended master Saint GermainSaint Germain comes to initiate us. And this gets into an interesting subject:

What is initiation?

Let's say that you, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, of Gautama Buddha or of any of the ascended masters, desire to come up higher in your state of consciousness. You desire to understand more of God and to be more of God within your heart and mind and soul. It takes an ascended master to convey that necessary light, to convey an increment of energy, an increment of the mind of God that will give you that expanded self-awareness. This is the meaning of the term initiation.

The guru-chela, or master-disciple, relationship has been going on for thousands of years. It is the means of the transfer of God's energy that the guru, or teacher, has concentrated within his being through contact with the Inner Self. As he has a greater concentration, or reservoir, of that energy than ordinary people, he has become the one in hierarchy who is called the guru and can transfer that energy to those seeking the same attainment and the same contact.

Saint Germain is one such ascended master guru. He served the flame of freedom throughout his embodiments on this planet—for at least a hundred thousand years. He made his ascension in 1684 after his incarnation as Francis Bacon and has been serving as an ascended master, the chohan of the seventh ray. In this century he has come forward to release his teaching on the I AM Presence and the violet flame.

The master Saint Germain is coming to personally contact his chelas. He is not coming physically, although some do see him. He is coming in his finer bodies, as we call them. His presence will be felt, his light will be felt, his energy will be transferred.

Those who have concentrated a greater manifestation of light within their chakras do see the ascended masters. Others do not see but they feel. Others do not feel but they hear the word and they gain a new understanding. So all are at different levels of awareness, hence different levels of initiation.

Now, what does this have to do with the Coming Revolution?

Saint Germain is the one who sponsored America and he sponsors freedom in every nation today. He has taught us that those whom he calls the spoilers, or the fallen ones, have invaded every area of life in our civilization. They have interfered with the economic policies of the nations, with politics, with education, with religion. And they have taken from the people their just and rightful inheritance of the abundance of God's grace and his gifts and even material supply.

Therefore, Saint Germain comes to teach us the Science of the Spoken Word. He comes to assist us in unlocking our own energy source, which is God, so that we can right these wrongs, not by violent revolution but by a revolution that comes through the flow of cosmic consciousness, of tides of light from the Central Sun, of energies that are a literal alchemy for the transformation not only of the individual soul but of society as a whole.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, what is your personal contact with the master Saint Germain?

Coming Revolution in Higher ConsciousnessSaint Germain is the master who sponsored me in this life. When I saw his picture when I was eighteen, it reminded me of the inner vow I had made to him before coming into embodiment. I recall standing before him and making my vow that I would take up the torch of freedom and serve him.

A few years after I saw his picture, Saint Germain contacted me through the Ascended Master El Morya and saw to it that I was trained as a messenger. And today he is releasing his teachings through me.

You can read these teachings in the Pearls of Wisdom, which are weekly releases from our headquarters. The Pearls of Wisdom contain the basic teachings of the ascended masters. Saint Germain's discourses, published in the Pearls, are a vital message for all who cherish freedom as an inner flame as well as a way of life in America. It was freedom for which this nation was founded, and freedom ought to be the motivating light of all our decisions, public and private.

Saint Germain is probably an unfamiliar figure to many. How can they overcome the sense of unfamiliarity?

Saint Germain is Uncle Sam. And Uncle Sam is more than a picture on a billboard, more than an advertisement to join the armed forces. When we think of Uncle Sam we think of the spirit of America, and that is indeed who Saint Germain is. He is the very person, the very essence of our culture and of all that we stand for—not in the sense that we are exclusive but in the sense that we have a gift, a great gift from Almighty God that is ours to give to all the nations of earth.

Saint Germain teaches us what that gift is and how we can implement it. He teaches us how we can take that gift as a precious energy, as well as an understanding, and protect the freedom we have been given and save this nation for another round of opportunity. America was founded so that those who came here might experience this soul liberation, this reunion with God that comes as we walk the path of initiation under Saint Germain, the master of the Aquarian age.

Is Saint Germain's message for all Americans or just the few who are into mystical teachings?

Saint Germain's message is basic and is for every man, woman and child. Far from being metaphysical speculation or mysticism, it is a practical, down-to-earth statement of the master of the flame of freedom.

It is entirely in agreement with the tradition of Jesus Christ. You will recall that Saint Germain was embodied as Saint Joseph, the protector of Jesus and Mary. Saint Germain is one with Jesus Christ, and there is no conflict from the standpoint of either religion or politics in our finding out more about this wonderful person, this “pure son,” who has individualized the God flame, attained mastery in time and space and ascended to be one with the immortals.

He tells us how to live, how to restore our birthright, how to regain control of our money and our money system, how to overcome the problems of taxation and what is happening in the administration as tax upon tax is leveled upon the American people.

Saint Germain speaks to us of the evils of abortion. He warns us that abortion is the killing of God, or the potential for God, within the womb. Abortion is bringing an enormous karma upon our nation through disruption in the weather and the plagues foretold in the Book of Revelation.

Saint Germain is truly the voice of the seventh angel, who comes to warn us of the dangers to our heritage if we do not fulfill our destiny and our calling as representatives of the sons and daughters of God and the twelve tribes of Israel.

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