Christmas Teachings from the Ascended Masters

How grateful we all are for the blessings that come with the light of the Christ at Christmas! As Winter Solstice approaches and the days grow shorter, we prepare ourselves and our families for the true spiritual magic of the birth of the Christ in Bethlehem and in our hearts. The advent wreaths are lit each week, drawing us closer to the star appearing. Finally Christmas Day comes and we celebrate the gifts of Saint Nicholas.

There are many rich family activities of this time of year and age-appropriate ways to help children understand and enjoy the spiritual teachings of the season. Family prayers and short, fun decrees — along with plenty of carols and family time—can make your season brighter! Enjoy these articles on fun rituals, Advent, Epiphany and Christmas.

Christmas star

The Advent Season

Christmas Meditations

Family Christmas Rituals

Kuan Yin’s Christmas List

The Christmas Wind by Lanello

El Morya's Christmas Day Message

Santa Claus as the Spirit of Christmas

Shamballa and the Story of the Yule Log

The Christmas Traditions of Archangel Uriel

Eternal Christmas in July by Mark L. Prophet

Advent Prayer – O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life

Christmas Tree Decorations- Names of Ascended Masters

The Mystical Story of the Three Wise Men – A Children's Story

Christmas Reading by Mark Prophet – The Other Wise Man, by Henry Van Dyke

Christmas Music: Sanctissima, Musical Mass for World Peace

El Morya’s Deeper Mysteries of Epiphany

Keepers of the Flame - christmas

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