Christmas Meditations

Christmas Meditations

The Goddess of Light has given us a meditation for increasing the light within us.

It is well to develop a meditation on light whereby you see pinpoints of light throughout the body. Visualize yourself as a giant Christmas tree with a candle on every little twig and branch so that a million candles might burn on your tree of life to light the way for millions. Remember that at every point of every cell of your body, there is a nucleus in the atom and there is a central sun in every cell. These are points of light. These are, as it were, manifestations of the Great Central Sun at microscopic levels.

Vibrant health within the body helps to keep the light circulating. Thus, one may enjoy the vibrant mind that is quick and alert and the desire body that is truly aligned with the Law of God in the joy of the LORD.1

Glade Jul by Viggo Johansen

O chela of the will of God, pause in your evening prayer to receive us. As you look into our eyes, remember that we are remembering the look of the Holy Child as he received us so long ago.

We recognize the Guru of your heart. We are ever chelas of the Great God whose Light is also come unto you. We set the example of devotion, determination, and essential divinity. We tend the altar of your heart. We prepare your soul for His coming. With us bow low before his Presence.

O Holy Christ Self, pure stream and issue of God unto the beloved, receive now thine own. Assist to atone. Establish thy Word. Lo, He is come!

And make them one as we are the Three in One—El Morya with Kuthumi and Djwal Kul for Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in the secret manger of your heart.2

* * *

One of the problems that separates men from one another and from God is their tendency to magnify their discernment of what is acting in people’s worlds that is not the compassion of God. Let all understand, then, that even though individuals may not measure up to one’s standard, even though they may not seem to be all that one would desire for them, it is still necessary to keep the Light of compassion and love flowing. Through the divine magnetism of love, men and organizations are drawn closer to that goal which is the merging of all Light into the torch of man’s freedom.

With the advent of yuletide, men attune with the love of Christ more than at any other time of year. Through this attunement and their charitable regard for Life, they feel a closer bond with one another. It is their tendency to compartmentalize the year and the expression of their devotion, to part company with the Spirit of Christmas which they feel is a thing of the past, that causes them to cast aside the joys of the holy season once the new year has begun. Thus they begin to re-create in their everyday routine their jangle and their discord, their pleasures and their sorrows, which register as inharmony upon the screen of life.

Let us rather resolve together to let the glowing torch of our fervor express itself the year around as well as the world around. Thus shall the circle of our hallowed love shine forth the everlasting joys of God that shall be to all people as all people enter into the Light and the determination to banish darkness by the magnificence of real love.3

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