Christmas Blessings

Christmas Blessings

Excerpt from the Ashram Notes, No. 34 by El Morya.

Tonight we are gently showering upon you our blessings from the higher planes. Like snowflakes they settle upon you in commemoration of the nativity of Jesus of Nazareth. These “snowflakes” are actually miniature electronic crystals charged with Light’s transparent purity, perfection and joy.

In some, an iridescent blue flame dances in sapphire of God’s will, forming a fiery nucleus of the blue Buddha. In others, maltese crosses of amethyst crystal provide the chalice for violet/purple/pink flames that pulsate in honor of Saint Germain.

These snowflake thoughtforms are conceived in the hearts of the Ascended Masters, and they carry a clarion recording of the Masters’ vibrations. Be receptive to these momentums of Good from the Masters’ Christ nature by opening your heart to them.

Then simply let the warmth of your God Flame cause the snowflakes to melt and blend their contents with our own being. For they will add a radiant expansion of your divine nature to the focus of God’s Light within you. Being so blessed, you will naturally enter in to that rejoicing which may truly be called the Christmas Spirit.

Receive this crystallized dew of heaven as nourishment for your spiritual nature even as the children of Israel received the manna in the wilderness for they physical sustenance.

Do not misqualify these molecules by bringing them down to the level of human conflict. Do not rob these charged particles of their life merely to sustain your human will or whim.

Now say, “I decree and I accept that the ascended host’s Christmas gift to me of these snowflakes will crystallize gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh within my purest spiritual nature.”

O children of the Diamond Heart, seize these treasures as they come tumbling into your world!

Find the point of equipoise in the heart of the Christ Child from which you can commend your soul into your Father’s hands. For here in the Infant Divine is Life – eternal and victorious – yours to claim.

Eternal Christmas blessings,
Morya El

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