Chakras and the Human Aura

Chakra Colors in Their Purest State

Various schools of thought in the New Age as well as in the past century have prescribed their colors for the chakras. All agree on the seven main chakras: the “thousand petaled” crown chakra (sahasrara), third eye chakra (ajna), throat chakra (vishuddha), heart chakra (anahata), solar plexus chakra (manipura), seat-of-the-soul chakra (svadhishthana), and base of the spine chakra (muladhara).

People have asked Elizabeth Clare Prophet why her colors differ from some of these.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Chakra Colors

violet flame - chakras transmutationThe chakra colors we show are the colors released from the Ascended Masters as they should appear in the purified etheric body, the highest vibrating of the four lower bodies and the natural envelope of the soul.

Some clairvoyants who have given their version of the colors have read the relative condition of the chakras in the astral, untransmuted or unpurified, state of the human consciousness, which creates this discrepancy.

The chart of the chakra man shows the color (frequency) of the light which each of the chakras should be emitting when it is purified and balanced in the plus and minus factors, the yang and the yin of the whirling T'ai Chi.

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Seven Rays, Seven Chakras

The colors correlate to the seven rays of the causal body, which you see illustrated in the Chart of the Presence as seven color bands, spheres within spheres surrounding the I AM Presence (the upper figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self).

I AM Presence chart, the Real SelfSeven flames of God's consciousness, seven rays of the Christ in the masculine and the feminine principle, are experienced through the seven chakras beginning with the T'ai chi, the white-fire core of God, the Alpha to Omega, which is the whirling center of every chakra.

This becomes the focal point for the birth of the I AM Presence. Out of the I AM Presence comes forth the light cascading over the crystal cord through the Christ mind, through the threefold flame of the Christ. That light is anchored within your heart chakra in the threefold flame.

The color of each chakra reveals which ray from the causal body that chakra is intended to release. Ideally each chakra vibrates on the same wavelength as its corresponding sphere of the causal body, ‘as Above, so below.'

Your aura is the energy field that is God. It contains God. It reflects God.

When your aura is filled with light, it is filled with him. And therefore, the auric field and the temple together are the habitation of the Most High God. The sense of the sacredness of life enables us to keep the flame of purity — the sense of reverence, the sense that where I AM God is.

Ascended Masters on Chakras and the Human Aura

Ascended masters Kuthumi and Djwal Kul dictated The Human Aura – How To Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras that includes meditations, visualizations, affirmations and 25 color illustrations of auras and chakras. By using these meditations and mantras, you can develop the ability to control the circumstances that influence your life.

The above article is taken from the Pearls of Wisdom® vol 32 no 28 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Further Resources on Chakras and the Human Aura

chakra visualization with violet flame

Violet Flame, Chakras and Psychology

Consciously direct a ray of violet flame to each of your chakras, from the base of the spine to the crown. The large violet flame poster that illustrates the chakras superimposed on Michelangelo’s statue of David provides a strong visualization for clearing the chakras and raising the Kundalini.

Visualize yourself systematically transmuting records of the ancient and near past until you have a fully cleansed temple that the Lord Christ might occupy. Yes, see yourself encircled in pulsating ovoids of violet flame.

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Ascended Master Kuthumi and the Human Aura

The Human Aura

We are all interested in knowing about the aura because at sublevels of awareness we all perceive one another's aura. We're all reading each other and that reading is being translated to our conscious mind.

When we have a sense of danger about a certain individual or an immediate affinity with someone or we sense that someone has a certain personality, we are contacting the aura. It's an energy field. It's a blueprint, and it exists before birth and after death.

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seven chakras with the violet flame

Reading The Human Aura

The aura is constantly being played upon; and the reading of the aura, as Kuthumi discusses in the Human Aura, is a profound science because there are so many levels and layers of the aura to be reckoned with. Truly it takes a level of adeptship that most people who claim a psychic clairvoyance actually do not have.

This is why Jesus said, “Judge righteous judgment.” An accurate analysis of the aura cannot be made from the surface, just as a doctor cannot produce an analysis of the health of the body by simply looking at the surface.

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colors of the seven chakras

The Colors Of The Aura

Color is a manifestation of frequency, and frequency is a manifestation of consciousness, or one's state of consciousness. Therefore when reading the aura, you can determine the state of consciousness if you know what colors correspond to particular states of consciousness.

For instance, Kuthumi says, “As the intensity of the white and the violet light is increased in the aura, especially those shades which are pale and ethereal, one notes the enlarging of man's perceptions and an increase in spirituality.”

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Gautama Buddha, chakras and the eightfold path

Gautama Buddha – Eightfold Path and the Chakras

These eight points of self-mastery of the Eightfold Path are the endowment of your Holy Christ Self. Know this Holy Christ Self as your Real Self, and know your Real Self as possessing all of these attributes.

These eight points of the Law fulfill the seven rays of the seven chakras and the eighth ray and chakra, which is the secret chamber of the heart.

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Ascended Master Kuthumi and the Human Aura

Aura Strengthening Mantra by Kuthumi

The ascended master Kuthumi teaches a threefold exercise that we can give to strengthen the sheath of the aura so that we can maintain the consciousness of Christ, of God, of Buddha, of Mother.

The threefold flame is the energy of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—of power, wisdom and love. Its three plumes are blue, yellow and pink. In our studies with the ascended masters, we always begin with the flame in the heart because it is the point of our own reality; it is the spark of life and our seat of consciousness.

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chakras are a beacon of light

The Human Aura – A Giant Beacon

We cannot hide ourselves, because the aura is a giant beacon. It's a signal to God and to man of what we are. It's impossible to hide our light under a bushel; rather we put what we are on a candlestick.

This gives to us a tremendous sense of responsibility because we realize that we are lighting the world for others.

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