Chakra Colors and Your Divine Self

Chakra Colors and Your Divine Self

Chakra Colors in Their Purest State

Various schools of thought in the New Age as well as in the past century have prescribed their colors for the chakras.

People have asked Elizabeth Clare Prophet why her colors differ from some of these.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Teaching on Chakra Colors:

“My answer is that those we show are the colors released from the Ascended Masters to their Messengers as they should appear in the purified etheric body, the highest vibrating of the four lower bodies and the natural envelope of the soul.

“I believe that some clairvoyants who have put forth their version of the colors have read the condition of the chakras in the astral, untransmuted, i.e., unpurified, state of the human consciousness, hence the discrepancy.

“This chart of the chakra man [above] shows the color (frequency) of the light which each of the chakras should be emitting when it is purified and balanced in the plus and minus factors, the yang and the yin of the whirling T'ai Chi.

“The colors correlate to the seven rays of the causal body, which you see illustrated on the screen as seven color bands, spheres within spheres surrounding the I AM Presence (the upper figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self), shown here:

I AM Presence chart, the Real Self“Seven flames of God's consciousness, seven rays of the Christ in the masculine and the feminine principle, are experienced through the seven chakras beginning with the T'ai chi, the white-fire core of God, the Alpha to Omega, which is the whirling center of every chakra.

“This then becomes the focal point for the birth of the I AM Presence. Out of the I AM Presence comes forth the light cascading over the crystal cord through the Christ mind, through the threefold flame of the Christ. That light is anchored within your heart in the threefold flame.

“The colors of the chakras reveal which of the rays from the causal body is intended to be released through each chakra; ideally the chakra should vibrate on the same wavelength as the corresponding sphere of the causal body, ‘as Above, so below.'

“Your aura is the energy field that is God. It contains God. It reflects God.

“And when it is filled with light, it is filled with him. And therefore, the auric field and the temple together are the habitation of the Most High God. The sense of the sacredness of life enables us to keep the flame of purity—the sense of reverence, the sense that where I AM God is.”

The above article was published in the Pearls of Wisdom® vol 38  no 28, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 9, 1989

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