Looking for whole child parenting tips?  Discover the Path of the Freedom of the Child—the Missing Link in Raising Children!

How to raise joyful and resilient children in today’s world.

Perfect for parents, teachers and all whose lives touch children.

The path of the child’s soul is to build Christ-identity through the stages of development. In these inspiring lectures, Elizabeth Clare Prophet lays out this path with great insight and love.

Learn practical and time-tested keys, including:

•    Raise children to discover the inner creative Christ
•    Nurture your child’s natural enthusiasm and innocence
•    Deepen the love for your child—and your own inner child
•    Encourage self-mastery and a path of service
•    Use the cosmic clock to understand child behaviors and karma
•    Understand your true role of mother or father
•    And much more!

“Contains the best spiritual parenting advice ever written!  A God-send for new age parents who want to understand their child's inner life. The guidance that Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives helped me so much to become the good parent I wanted to be.”

-Parent Testimonial


The Path of the Child: Discovering the Inner Creative Self (July 3, 1983) 
1. Parents, Teachers and Sponsors Helping Children Develop Christhood
2. Teaching Children from Birth through Age Twelve
3. Understanding What It Means to Be a Parent: Dealing with the Child in All of Us
4. Separating Out from Your Child Emotionally
5. Presenting God to Your Children
6. Dealing with Teenagers
7. Parents, Teachers and Sponsors Focusing Attention on Child and Teenage Development
8. Seal This Day of Sanat Kumara in Our Hearts

Childhood Stages of Development: Karma, Christhood and the Cosmic Clock (July 4, 1983) 
9. Proclamation of July 4, 1983, as Freedom of the Child Day
* The Son of Man Is Come to Save That Which Was Lost
* I AM the Friend of Your Children by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
* The True and Honorable Role of the Parents
* The Office of Father and Mother
* Cosmic Clock Astrology
– From birth to twelve
– Ages Twelve to Fourteen
– Ages Fourteen to Eighteen
– Age Eighteen
– Ages Nineteen to Twenty-Three
– Age Twenty-Four
– Age Twenty-Eight
– Age Thirty-Three
* The Neurotic Personality
* The Dweller-on-the-Threshold?The Conglomerate of the Carnal Mind

The Path of the Child: Discovering the Inner Creative Self, 1.75 hours.
Childhood Stages of Development: Karma, Christhood and the Cosmic Clock, 3 hours.
Includes Cosmic Clock diagrams
1 MP3 Audio CD

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