The Fourteenth Rosary: The Mystery of Surrender, directed by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Mother Mary gave to Elizabeth Clare Prophet the Hail Mary for the soul's absorption into the immaculate conception of the Cosmic Virgin and for the weaving of the tie to Mother Mary's own blessed heart as the Mother of Jesus the Christ and as the archetype of golden-age woman.

The Blessed Mother has come to teach us how to surrender, how to let go of a false identity fabricated in Matter. She has come to show us how to release into the fires of the Holy Spirit the struggle and the sense of struggle and all of the components thereof—how to dissolve every counter manifestation to the point of light that is our Real Self in God. At the conclusion of the rosary, you have the opportunity to formulate your own prayer of surrender.

This rosary may be given daily or weekly or whenever you feel the surge of resurrection's fires propelling consciousness to the point of surrender into the eternal Now, into the I AM THAT I AM. It marks the initiation for Christhood through which your soul will pass on the thirty-third step of initiation into the sacred fire.

Each time you give the ritual in the full power of the spoken Word, you are reinforcing your victory in the hour of victory's initiation. And you are commemorating the hour of the victory of Jesus the Christ and of every other ascended master who has walked the earth and overcome the last enemy, returning to the heart of God on the path of surrender.

Mother Mary tells us: “Surrender! Surrender to this law within all that which is anti-Mother, anti-God, anti-the-Real-Self—all of these schisms and divisions that are fabricated within the subconscious. Let go of everything! Give everything to God, and understand that it is like carrying your dirty wash to the laundromat. You put it in, it comes out clean. You give to God everything that you are, and he gives back to you everything cleaned and purified.”

—Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the book Inner Perspectives, p. 324.

The Fourteenth Rosary, 38:32 min.
Dictation by Mother Mary, 40:22 min, “You Have Won the Prize! Now Pass Your Tests!” Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 30, 1990.

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