In the land of India, music has always been a way to reach beyond the self and within the self to experience the divine.

One traditional form of musical devotion still popular in India today is the bhajan (pronounced buh-juhn).

A bhajan is a spiritual song as well as group worship through music and song.

For centuries, Hindu devotees have embraced the bhajan as a source of deep spiritual renewal.

Today bhajans are performed on holy days, special occasions or with a gathering of relatives, friends and neighbors. An evening of bhajans can last for several hours, often lifting the participants to a state of religious exaltation.

By the knowledge of music, one attains to a state of absorption; by attaining such a state, oneness with Shiva the Lord can be obtained. —The Skanda-Purana

Bhajans are customarily performed in a soloist-group format. A soloist sings a verse and the group repeats it to the accompaniment of percussion and other instruments. Generally the recitation begins slowly and then speeds up.

A distinctive element of the bhajan is the repetition of the names of God. According to Hindu tradition, singing and meditating upon the names of a deity evoke his or her power and presence. To the Hindu, the bhajan is also a medium of divine grace, bringing salvation to those who have erred.

The bhajans on this CD were recorded by professional musicians using authentic Indian instruments, including the tabla, ridangam, harmonium, tambourine, finger cymbal, cartels and various types of hand percussion instruments. The bhajans are sung in their traditional Sanskrit.

Shiva – Sacred Chants from the Heart of India

Song Title, Length

1. Shiva Shambhu, 9:08 minutes
2. Hara Mahadeva, 9:00 minutes
3. He Shiva Shankara, 9:05 minutes
4. Shambu Shankara, 9:46 minutes
5. Manasa Bhajore, 8:47 minutes
6. Jaya Shri Shankara, 10:14 minutes
7. Jaya Guru Omkara, 8:43 minutes
8. Nataraja, 9:43 minutes

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Video Bhajan: Watch and sing along with words to the Shiva Bhajan “Jaya Guru Omkara,” 8:43 minutes

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