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Mark L. Prophet (1918-1973) was a mystic and a messenger for the ascended masters.

In 1958, he founded The Summit Lighthouse under El Morya’s direction.

In his Ascension Day Address 1990, Beloved Jesus Christ said,
Happy are ye who have espoused this Path and understand the series of initiations that are afforded you and that are clearly anchored in the dictations from the beginning unto the ending. That is why the Only Mark tapes are so important. They are given that you might lock into the strength of the Ascended Masters and establish the knitting together of your Presence with the Presence of your sponsor Lanello. Thus you may truly eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of man, the Son of manifestation being every Ascended Master who has dictated and anchored his Electronic Presence through the spoken Word.

The Only Mark set contains 450 dictations delivered by the ascended masters through the Mark Prophet between July 1966 and February 1973.

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