What is the power that will transform the earth?
Twenty-two timeless dictations:
Discover the power of love within your heart and change the world!
Love is the impulse of freedom and without love there is no freedom.
Where there is the bursting of freedom, behind that freedom there must be souls who love. True freedom is the culmination of the love of millions of people who band together to form a nation, a brotherhood, a community.

Includes all the dictations given at the Only Love conference plus other dictations chosen by Mother especially for this album.

1. Beloved Lanello, February 27, 1977 (40:38) A Key of Love
2. Hey Nanda Nanda Gopala, June 30, 1977 (4:02) A Bhajan
3. Beloved Saint Germain, June 11, 1977 (19:59) Message to America and the People of Earth
4. Beloved Mother Mary, June 19, 1977 (23:34) All Is Not Well
5. The Voice of Shiva, May 22, 1977 (16:42) An Endless Stream of Consciousness
6. Beloved Saint Germain, June 21, 1977 (25:39) Dispensation to the Youth of America to students of Montessori International
7. Listening Angel, June 30, 1977 (44:06) The Prayers I Hear
8. Beloved Lanello, June 30, 1977 (30:30) My Love for You Unfailing
9. Beloved Jesus the Christ, July 3, 1977 (13:24) Our Sacred Labor of Love in the New Jerusalem: The Judgment and the Quickening
10. The Ascended Lady Master Venus, July 1, 1977 (19:36) The Stone of Love Which You Have Forged and Won
11. Beloved Saint Germain, July 1, 1977 (24:29) The Voice of the Seventh Angel: Seven Angles of Gods Own Self-Awareness
12. Beloved Hercules, July 1, 1977 (18:13) Love, the Dynamo of Action
13. Out of the Love of Saint Francis and Clare, July 1, 1977 (25:13) The Defense of the Holy Church
14. ?Hari Ananda Maya Jaya Narayana, July 1, 1977 (7:41) A Bhajan
15. The Great Guru, Beloved Padma Sambhava, July 2, 1977 (16:12) The Great Synthesis: The Mother as Guru
16. Beloved Chamuel and Charity, July 3, 1977 (22:56) The Alignment of the Self with the Self in the Temple Beautiful
17. Beloved Paul the Venetian, July 3, 1977 (30:13) The Beauty of Love
18. Beloved Pope John XXIII, July 3, 1977 (27:13) The Initiation of the Mother within the Church: To Receive the Body of the Lord
19. Beloved Amora, July 4, 1977 (14:18) Love for the Transformation of Worlds
20. The Ancient of Days, Beloved Sanat Kumara, July 4, 1977 (18:02) My Body a Living Altar in the Midst of My People Israel
21. John the Beloved, July 4, 1977 (18:08) I AM the Open Book
22. Omega, Mother of Love, July 5, 1977 (23:47) The Great Reunion
23. The Maha Chohan, July 4, 1977 (20:02) The Sacred Science of the Mother
24. Beloved El Morya, July 10, 1977 (24:49) The Eye of Morya Is upon You
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