Timeless Teachings from the Ascended Masters

Whether you are a parent, married, or single, you will find these messages on spirituality, relationships and community to be absolutely essential.

  • Learn about twin flames, soul mates and karmic relationships
  • Contact your twin flame and prepare for your mission together
  • Spiritualize your relationships
  • Meditate for the raising of the sacred fire
  • Understand spiritual parenting
  • Create the family environment for unlocking your child's genius
  • Chart you and your family's cycles on the astrology for the New Age, the Cosmic Clock, taught by Mother Mary to Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the inner temples of Light.

Cosmic Clock chartIncludes messages from the Holy Family – Saint Germain, Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary – delivered by the Holy Spirit through Elizabeth Clare Prophet plus full color Cosmic Clock diagrams.

See the Family Designs Table of Contents (PDF)


  1. Lecture: “Karma, Reincarnation, and the Family”
  2. Lecture: “Your Marriage Made in Heaven”
  3. Lecture: “Your Marriage Made on Earth”
  4. Lecture: “Charting the Cycles of Your Family”
  5. Dictation: Beloved Saint Germain, “The Matrix of the Holy Family”
  6. Dictation: Beloved Jesus the Christ, “The Child of the Heart”
  7. Lecture: “The Key to Unlock the Genius of Your Child”
  8. Lecture: “What It Means to Be a Parent”
  9. Lecture: “New-Age Children?The Coming Avatars”
  10. Dictation: Beloved Mother Mary, “This Hallowed Circle”

Given June 1974 before a live audience.

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