Is it really possible to predict your future?

Perhaps not quite like a crystal ball, but this series of lectures goes a long way in helping you to understand the cycles of your karma and whatever life throws at you.

Revealed to Elizabeth Clare Prophet by Mother Mary, this gift to the Aquarian Age is the science known as the Cosmic Clock.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains how you can apply the law of cycles to your own life, how to see the patterns in your life and prepare for the challenges and the opportunities that come your way each day.

Discover how to use the Cosmic Clock to:

  • Chart the cycles of personal karma
  • Map the inner dimensions of your reason for being (dharma)
  • Gain valuable insights into personal psychology
  • Prepare for future opportunities and challenges in practical ways

Includes the lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

  • God-Mastery and the Cosmic Clock
  • The Dust Shall Settle: A Karmic Exposé
  • The Psychology of Being
  • The Cosmic Clock: Psychology for Aquarian Man and Woman
  • Karma, Dharma, Self-Mastery and Soul Freedom
  • The Evolution of God’s Consciousness through the Four Planes of Matter
  • The Ritual of the Atom

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