A Nondenominational Rosary for the New Age.

These 15-minute rosaries were originally adapted by Elizabeth Clare Prophet for use by children.

However, busy adults worldwide often prefer the shorter Child's Rosaries over the longer scriptural rosaries published in Elizabeth Clare Prophet's beautiful book collection, the Golden Word of Mary series.

The rosary has the power to transform your life, your family, your community and your nation.  Mother Mary has requested that we daily give the rosary for the saving of Earth and her people:

“These are not words. These are the energies upon which the very salvation of…this hemisphere and the planet rest. The garland of the rosary that you weave is the very rope of Almighty God whereby he intends to rescue Earth.”

Mother Mary asked Elizabeth Clare Prophet to teach us to pray the Hail Mary for her intercession “now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease and death,” thereby drawing our attention to the hour of victory over all conditions of time and space which her Son Jesus proved in his life and in the hour of his victorious ascension.

Following the recitation of the rosary of your choice you can also offer the prayer for “The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary” followed by the “Fatima Prayers.” You can also meditate on a song of your choice either before and/or after reciting the rosary. These have been placed throughout the CD for your convenience.

The rosaries on these CDs have been adapted from longer scriptural rosaries, which are published in the first two books of Elizabeth Clare Prophet's beautiful three-book collection, the Golden Word of Mary series: Mary's Message for a New Day and Mary's Message of Divine Love.

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