Cave of Symbols – Etheric Retreat for Scientists

Cave of Symbols – Etheric Retreat for Scientists

Saint Germain's Etheric Retreat

The Cave of Symbols is the etheric retreat of Saint Germain in Table Mountain in North America’s Rocky Mountains.

A glimpse inside…

“…We are shown the fantastic radio invented by the Ascended Lady Master Leonora by which one can communicate with other planets in this solar system, with the center of the earth, or with any point on the surface of the earth.

“There are chemical and electrical laboratories where scientists are perfecting formulas and inventions which they have been permitted to take from the hermetically sealed cities which lie at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean that have been protected since the sinking of Atlantis.

“These discoveries will be brought forth for mankind's use in the golden age just as soon as he has learned to harness greed, selfishness, and the desire to control others through war and dishonest financial policies.

“When the sons of God are once again in control of the great nations of the world, the ascended masters will step forth with a tremendous wealth of information which has been guarded in their retreats for ages.

“Here the souls of unascended scientists come while their bodies sleep or between embodiments.  Saint Germain is training a large cadre of souls devoted to the Christ and to the science of the Christ who, at the proper time, will have lowered into the outer consciousness all that they have learned in this and other retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.”

Excerpted from The Masters and Their Retreats by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, ed. Annice Booth.

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