The Masters And Their Retreats

Etheric Retreats of the Masters

The great lights that have come out of the world's spiritual traditions and graduated from earth's schoolroom are known as ascended masters. They demonstrate to us that in the world of Spirit, there is no division of race, religion or philosophy. What is not widely known about these great masters is that they have retreats—temples and cities of light in the heaven world that can be visited during spiritual meditation and while our bodies sleep at night. In this comprehensive work, the authors speak about these masters, the stories of their lives and their incredible retreats. More than 200 illustrations.

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveal the lives of the ascended masters and their cities of light in the heaven-world. In the many mansions of the Father's kingdom there are many masters—wayshowers, guides and teachers who have come to show us the way home. Some are the great avatars and prophets of history—Jesus, Gautama, Elijah, Confucius.

Some are the unknown saints who have kept the flame through dark eras of earth's history. Some are great cosmic beings—Elohim, archangels and others—come to help the planet in a time of transition.

They are known as the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood—the saints of all races and religions who have found that point of the white light from which all the rays of God emerge.

In The Masters and Their Retreats, you will read the stories of their lives and the special message that each one brings. Learn about their retreats—temples and cities of light in the heaven-world where the unfed flame yet burns as it did in ancient golden ages. From Afra to Zarathustra, each one has a unique offering of the Christ consciousness that they have realized.

What Readers Say about The Masters and Their Retreats

This book is not only a fascinating read, but it is even more amazing as an accomplishment. I am so thoroughly impressed with the people who put this together. Who would have thought that all the enlightened beings who have lived on Earth and beyond would be accessible to learn about for the rest of us? Thank you to the Prophets and those around them, for creating this invaluable reference book for those of us still climbing the long ladder of enlightenment. You have helped me get closer to the I AM experience. Bravo!!!

♦ ♦ ♦

THE book for anyone who always wanted to know more about the Ascended Masters! …it contains more than five hundred pages about more than two hundred of these Beings of Light. And it also precisely describes their heavenly retreats – how they look like and even where they are!

♦ ♦ ♦

“Marvelous—the most comprehensive guide to the Ascended Masters Teachings. Bravo!”

♦ ♦ ♦

The Masters and Their Retreats is the best book on the Masters. It filled in many blanks of my knowledge of the Masters. I liked the historical and geographical detail.”

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