Talk with Angels

Talk with Angels

How to Work with Angels of Light for Guidance, Comfort & Healing

Angels listen day and night. Majestic beings of light and love, angels are waiting for us to ask for their help in matters great and small—from fixing the economy, cleaning up the environment, in preventing terrorism to comforting a child, healing a loved one, or finding us the perfect job.

With stories, examples, and profound spiritual insights, Talk with Angels shows that we should never underestimate what angels can do.

In many of the world's traditions, angels appear as God's messengers and our protectors, but they are much more than archaic lore. From the magnificent archangels and fiery seraphim to our own guardian angels, they can be devoted guides, guardians, and friends as we learn how to work with them every day.

Talk with Angels introduces the angels of protection, wisdom, love, joy, healing, peace, forgiveness, and even success (to name a few) who are standing by to come to our aid. Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares powerful spiritual techniques—beautiful meditations, prayers, and mantras—to help us access the power of the angels and forge life-changing personal relationships with these transcendent yet ever-practical beings.

Includes links to free downloadable audio files of angel prayers and meditations.

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