My Life and Times with the Prophets

We all wish we could be there when a prophet,
avatar or guru first appears.
One did over 56 years ago and Tom Miller was there.

In My Life and Times with the Prophets, you will read stories highlighting his experiences attempting to draw down the highest art forms and music under the sponsorship of the ascended masters as well as lessons learned from day-to-day staff life as a disciple of his gurus, Mark and “Mother.”

Tom’s combination of wit, humor, and occasional profundity, as he reflects on those 18 years, will afford you a first-hand glimpse into life in a modern day mystery school. The themes of his heart and soul: beauty, spirituality, the masters, ancient archaeology, and alternative energy continue to interest him today and keep him a mentally spry octogenarian.

About Tom Miller, a Renaissance Man

Tom Miller - author and artistTom Miller knew he was an artist from the time he could first hold a pencil. Carrying forward his artistic momentum from previous lifetimes, his range in this life spans a wide variety of creative endeavors including painting, videography, musical compositions, photography and an occasional bit of poetry.

As a young man, his dedication to fulfilling the will of God for himself drew him to the messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, founders of The Summit Lighthouse movement and set the sail for the remainder of his life’s journey.

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