Meeting the Masters

Meeting the Masters

Meeting The Masters, Book 2 of the Sacred Adventure Series, is a course in self-mastery. Includes links to online audio meditations and exercises.

The material world in which we live represents only a small slice of a broad spectrum of being. Find out about the invisible, but very real, realm of the humblest nature spirits to that of the most exalted archangels.

This second book in the Sacred Adventure Series expounds on the presence of masterful spiritual beings just beyond the veil. Plus practical spiritual techniques for daily working with the ascended masters, the archangels and guardian angels, the elohim and elemental life. Improve your life and the world around you!

Explore hidden dimensions in these revealing topics:

  • Exploring our teeming Cosmos
  • The strength of Divine Will
  • Soul travel
  • The angelic kingdom
  • The comfort of Divine Love
  • The threefold flame
  • The brilliance of Divine Wisdom
  • Includes links to free audio tracks with meditations and exercises

Customer Reviews

“Great job! This is not only helpful for myself, but to pass on the teachings. I have been waiting for something like these books (Sacred Adventure series) for all my life. Great simple organization with illustrations and practice. Thanks!” – MB Irving, Texas

“A thorough treatise on the spiritual world. I especially like the tables, overall explanations of the hierarchy of heaven. I am anxiously awaiting book 3 and more about Saint Germain and the violet flame. I love these books.” – DT Shelton, Connecticut

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