Is Mother Nature Mad?

A Wake-up Call

A spiritual perspective on mother nature:
Why all the eccentric behavior? In July 1993, Elizabeth Clare Prophet received a call from CNN & Company asking her just that.

The call came after months of calamitous weather that year too, including killer floods along the Mississippi, heat waves on the East Coast and record droughts in Australia.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet was asked to be on the program, along with a meteorologist and a representative of Greenpeace, to lend a spiritual perspective to these events.

Here’s a transcript of a segment of the broadcast:

CNN & Co.:

We’ve basically asked all of you here to try to explain a series of very difficult to understand and almost unexplainable events. Elizabeth, what’s your explanation?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

Well, I think that we are at the end of a 2,000-year period and also the end of a 25,800-year period. And in these 12 years, starting in 1990, we are reaping karma of the past 2,000 years and beyond and this is what we’re seeing in the floods. I don't think God is here to punish us. I think that we need to learn to wake up and recognize that we need to take control of our lives and come alive and get into the mainstream of reality on our planet….

CNN & Co.:

Do you think that we have brought this on ourselves in any way?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

Well, I think you can look at life in terms of cause and effect….There is a cause and effect sequence, and we are karmically responsible for our planet and the ecosystem. But we have to begin with the microcosm of self and we have to know that we are empowered by God through the divine spark within to take control of our environment and take control of our lives.

I think that there are so many injustices happening in the world that we need to be awakened by our karma. And when we don’t listen to God and our prophets, then the karma descends so that we will pause and come together as a nation and face this disaster and find out what life is really all about….

CNN & Co.:

Do you think this flood, as the latest in a string of natural disasters, is going to wake anybody up and make them a little bit more responsible about the way we treat the world?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

Absolutely. I think it is waking people up and it’s awakening the flame of the heart and the love and the compassion, and people are pulling together….

You have starvation on the planet, you have drugs in our streets, you have violence on TV….I think that that is why we have to be shaken awake, because we have to take more responsibility for what’s happening to our children and to the people of the whole world.

I do not see these events as unrelated. They are related and we are responsible. And I do think it’s a message that we need to find deep within our soul….

CNN & Co.:

There are critics of yours [the three guests] who might say that you are using this latest natural disaster as a way to advance a political cause, whether it’s better environmental care or a more conservative sociological climate. Elizabeth, how would you address that?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

Well, I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for thirty-two years and what I teach is the law of cause and effect that has been going on for tens of thousands of years on the earth. I think it’s very important that we understand that there are problems greater than what we can deal with and that we have to have God in the midst of solving this problem. And when we see that it’s a time of change and world transmutation, we can only call upon the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit to transmute the wrongs that we have done.

How can we clean up our sick and dying earth? How can we clean up the nuclear fallout and the dumping [of nuclear wastes] into the seas?

These are such critical situations that it makes us turn to God and it makes us resolve to be humble before the awesome influences that we’ve unleashed on this planet….

CNN & Co.:

Do we have more weird weather, more natural disasters in store?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

Yes, I think we do. We’re seeing a period of intensification of returning karma to the earth through the year 2002. And I think it’s designed to make us rise to a new level of being, to contact our Higher Self, to become one with that Higher Self.

One of the guests said that one day we’re going to wake up and not be able to control the environment. Well, when could we ever control it? Atlantis sank, volcanoes have gone off. Man cannot control the environment or forestall a catastrophe like the one we’re seeing in the Mississippi River or as we’ve seen down through the ages except through spiritual means. And what’s important to us is the spiritual flame within. When we have that, we can solve any problem.

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