Ascended Masters Book Study Groups

Teachings of the Ascended Masters® Book Study Groups

What are these book study groups about?

  • Exploring exciting spiritual topics with others who have the same interests.
  • Gaining insights and expanding horizons.
  • Deepening understanding of simple yet profound truths that can change lives.
  • Sharing thoughts and have fun.

Who can do a book study group?

Anybody! See for guidelines that explain how to do it.

Families! Jump to children's spiritual lessons

Do it your own way!

  • Choose a spiritual book with free discussion guides. Print out the materials and handouts, which are designed to be thought provoking and to spark conversation. Go through them alone. Talk about them with family. Invite friends.
  • Use other Summit University Press books and do it without discussion guides.
  • Advertise meetings and make new friends. Start your own spiritual book club. Meet in a coffee shop, bookstore, library, living room, or anywhere you want. Be creative!

Ready to start a Book Study Group?

Check out How to do it at to view and print everything you need!

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