Become a Violet Flame Sphere

Become a Violet Flame Sphere

This post is from the 1988 Pearl of Wisdom by beloved Omri-Tas form his dictation Be the Spark That Ignites a Cosmos!.

Year upon year, millennium upon millennium, we attend, therefore, the coming of age of the children of the Sun on earth. We dare not endow this planet with our momentum while she is in the state of discord and darkness perpetuated by the fallen angels, for to give them [mankind] the violet flame is to give them the key to longevity, eternal youth and immortal life. Even when you invoke the violet flame we stand guard to seal it and to dispense it to those who will not take freedom and the violet flame as a liberty to desecrate life. For the violet flame, as any other flame of the sacred fire, when contacting misqualified substance of the human or fallen angel creation, does also activate that negative karma that it may come to light and by free will be cast into the sacred fire.

Thus, as you joyously give the calls to the violet flame, know that we stand guard. And there is a cosmic science that does attend through angel attendants all evolutions of all spheres who begin to understand the science of the spoken Word and who become so fervent and zealous in its use that often their decree momentum and the mastery thereof does exceed their mastery of their emotions, feelings, thoughts, words and deeds.

Therefore, beloved, each time there is a victory of God-mastery within the individual and a balancing of chakras, of the threefold flame and of the four lower bodies, there we find a more secure abode for the release of a greater and greater momentum and intensity not only of the violet flame but of the pure white fire, sacred fire itself.

Thus, understand that reservoirs of violet flame invoked by you do exist even on this planet. They are sealed in openings in the mountains beneath the surface of the earth. These violet flame reservoirs are held for those hours and moments when individuals whose hearts are pure in their allegiance to God truly have need of this Power, Wisdom and Love, this Presence of our God who is a consuming fire. The day will come, then, when according to the just and holy and righteous judgments of our God, this violet flame shall also be released [to mankind at large], but it shall be done according to cosmic science and cosmic law.

Our concerns, therefore, as we enter this year when perforce world karma does increase as the water levels of the astral plane also rise, are how to increase transmutation without violating cosmic law and the dispensations that have been forthcoming in the proclamation of Alpha and in the words of Gautama Buddha.

You Cannot Invoke Too Much Violet Flame

Therefore, know, beloved, that the violet flame can increase mightily through the hearts of all Lightbearers. The Holy Christ Self is in God-control and therefore you cannot invoke too much violet flame. A sufficiency is released to you physically, portion by portion. But the Holy Christ Self does keep a mighty reservoir of light. Therefore, in the days and hours of thy need, flood tides of violet flame may descend.

Insofar as the Lightbearers and the Keepers of the Flame are daily transmuting their karma and building magnificent auras, concentric spheres of the many-faceted colors of the violet flame, there is a message that is beamed to all the earth; and those who have not used the violet flame, those who have not come into the understanding of that flame begin to realize that that presence is the key to physical survival. The violet flame is the most physical flame, and it does correspond to the earth body.

Inasmuch as all dispensations and support forthcoming from the Great White Brotherhood in 1987 have been confined to the Lightbearers of the earth, we must see, then, how every single Lightbearer may become a sending station of violet flame in all seven chakras and the secret chamber of the heart–through the hands, through the feet, through the spleen itself.

Therefore, we set before you the goal of letting all of thy life and thy body, thy temple and thy being become a violet flame sphere. As you so commit yourself to this action, beloved, you will understand swiftly that it is necessary on a commensurate level to increase the blue flame and the spheres of blue flame and never to neglect the putting on of the whole armour of God, which is undoubtedly a physical/spiritual protection but does consist of all of the virtues intended to be outpictured by yourselves.

This post is from the 1988 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 31 No. 3 by beloved Omri-Tas.

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