You Have the Freedom to Be Freedom Fighters

You Have the Freedom to Be Freedom Fighters

This excerpt is from a dictation by Saint Germain published in the 1994 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 37 No. 43.

So, beloved, it is time to understand that unless the flame of freedom burns brightly—and that means you must fuel it and fan its fires—it will be snuffed out in the earth. It is time for you to review modern and ancient history, to remind yourselves that it was not many centuries ago that you had very little freedom to move about or to rise above the class into which you were born. This still holds true for the peoples of many nation-states today.

Do not take for granted, then, what I have dearly won for you, what the Goddess of Liberty has dearly won for you, what the Goddess of Freedom, the Lords of Karma and the Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America have dearly won for you. That you have the freedom to be freedom fighters, beloved, is a relatively recent development in earth’s history, and also that millions can join this cause as Keepers of the Flame of the Goddess of Liberty because they have freedom of religion.

Yes, beloved ones, it is because others have fought and died to make this nation free that religious freedom is guaranteed to you in this hour and you are free to fulfill your dharma, to pursue your calling in life, to champion the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. Yes, you are free to come together in this holy mountain of God to give your decrees without being stopped by the gestapo, by Communist soldiers, by the SVR <*> or any individual or group who has moved to put down the religions of the world that extol whether the living Christ or the living Buddha or the living God.

I am in the flame of freedom, beloved, and I say to you, the championing of your freedom begins with championing your freedom to commune with God. Your freedom begins with stripping yourself of the burdens of a false identity—identification with the human self instead of identification with the individualized God-free being that each and every one of you is.

Mark that well, beloved! You are an individualized being in God. And as the Mighty I AM Presence descends upon you, as the Holy Christ Self descends upon you in periods of profound meditation when you feel the powerful presence of the rings of your Causal Body, sphere upon sphere of light enfolding you, you transcend the levels of the earth plane and you enter into etheric octaves even while you are still alert in the physical body. This, this is the awareness that “I AM He!” As the Hindus would have it, AYAM ATMA BRAHMA, or “This Self Is Brahman.”

This is the meaning of being free and being a freedom fighter. The role of the freedom fighter is to champion the right of the individual soul to climb the ladder of being, to champion the right of the soul to be nourished by the truth and to not have that truth banned and its adherents burned at the stake or massacred, as they have been in the past because their definition of Jesus Christ’s teachings was not Rome’s definition.

* the Russian foreign intelligence service, one of the major organizations superseding the KGB.

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