You Can Be Conquering Heroes

You Can Be Conquering Heroes

This is an excerpt of a dictation by El Morya given October 8, 1995 and published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 38 No. 39.

If you look back in the history of this nation or the nation of your origin, you will find relatively few heroes. Yet those very few, a mere handful, turned the minds of the people and the tides of the battle to the victory because they carried the shield of the Christ and the Buddha in their hearts.

Do not belittle yourselves!

You, too, can be heroes by becoming the masters of yourselves.

To that end, know that I must send each and every one of you on a mission on a certain day and date, and you must be ready.

I, Morya, now touch the tip of my sword Excalibur to the heart of every lifestream upon earth whom I consider worthy of upholding my mission under the aegis of the will of God.

I will go after these holy ones wherever they may be, and I will raise them up and I will set them apart and I will make them holier still.

And, hopefully, you, as their mentors, as their parents, as their brothers and sisters and fellow chelas, will be there as shining examples of the Bodhisattva ideal.

Only your own self-condemnation could cause you to remain at a level of consciousness that you should have long ago risen from. Yes, the very weight of your constant self-criticism has prevented you from rising.

If you were to face the Lords of Karma today, you would discover in your heart and in your being what wondrous recordings have been inscribed by your recording angel in your book of life. So much good have you accomplished, beloved, that you have merited being sought out and brought to this Place of Great Encounters that you might meet the souls of your mandala and together go forth bearing the torch of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Do not think, then, that we of the Darjeeling Council assess your lifestreams as being anything less than conquering heroes and heroines.

Yes, I, El Morya, say to you it is so, and you had better believe it!

For you do not acknowledge that you are conquering heroes and heroines! You do not acknowledge that you have had many, many victories both great and small! Instead you look at yourselves with discouragement and disparagement!

If you continue to do this, then how will you suddenly see yourselves as worthy to go forth and champion the cause of those bright souls who are just waiting, waiting, waiting to meet you? They literally dream of being God-taught by you and of rejoicing in your sense of self-worth, which they in turn will make their own.

To read the entire Pearl One with Your I AM Presence, You Can Save the World! by El Morya, please go to: Vol. 38 No. 39 – Beloved El Morya – September 10, 1995.

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