Balancing Your Threefold Flame

Balancing Your Threefold Flame

This excerpt on the threefold flame is from Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 17, No. 21. later published in the book Cosmic Consciousness

The threefold flame is the core of your identity. And around that core, the Father/Mother God has coalesced the energies which provide for your self-conscious awareness of God as Spirit and of soul as your living potential to become the fullness of God in manifestation. Jesus and others who have walked the homeward path have become the fullness of the Christ in outer manifestation by balancing the energies of the threefold flame within the heart.

In the beginning when you were created in the plane of Spirit, this flame was a Trinity of God’s consciousness. But after the descent into form and the subsequent fall from levels of perfection through misuse and the misapplication of the gift of free will, the aspects of the threefold flame no longer manifested in balance. With the loss of the balance of love, wisdom, and power came the loss of the Christ consciousness, which then receded to the level of mediator, acting as a go-between between the imperfection of the outer evolving consciousness and the perfection of the great inner God Self.

The four lower bodies of mankind no longer mirrored the fullness of Christ-love, Christ-wisdom, and Christ-power. And man forgot that his outer consciousness was but the instrument of the inner fire and the inner equation that was and is the threefold flame. Thus the spark of Life that kept the flow of Life moving in the temple foursquare, while unbalanced in its manifestation in the world of material form, had a counterpart in the Holy Christ Self—the real identity of man and woman. Within the heart of the Holy Christ Self, there remained the perfect outpicturing of the threefold flame as it was intended to one day come forth into manifestation in the body temple.

Now, as we look to make of the devotees of the sacred fire among mankind instruments for the stepping through the veil of members of hierarchy, we must turn our attention to the giving of that needed instruction which can assist every soul to draw forth from the Holy Christ Self the balancing action of the threefold flame that will magnetize, even in the plane of Matter, the perfection of the Sacred Trinity.

Therefore, in the seven-day period in which you study this Pearl of Wisdom and apply its teaching, which comes to you at the behest of the Darjeeling Council, will you not meditate in equal measure upon the flame of love in the giving of self without reserve, upon the flame of wisdom in the application of the mind to the higher teaching of the law, and upon the flame of power through obedience to the covenants of our Maker? And I ask that you make invocations to the Lords of Karma that there might be revealed to you those impediments which remain in your outer personality at subconscious as well as conscious levels which prevent the flow of a threefold flame in balanced action in your world.

When these conditions are revealed to you, you ought to follow the sacred ritual of writing them down in your own handwriting and then submitting them to Almighty God in the rite of true sacrifice whereby the supplicant places upon the altar of the sacred fire every aspect of himself which is unreal, hence unworthy of being perpetuated in the flame of Life. This is that true sacrifice which must be practiced if the redemption of the Holy Ghost is to come upon the devotees in this age.

There is great significance in ritual. And the ritual of consigning to the flame those conditions of consciousness which are made known to the aspirant by the Higher Mind is one important means of stripping the outer self of its illusions. This ritual leads to greater awareness of the True Self and enables the disciple to narrow the gap that presently exists between the outer evolving consciousness that is in the state of becoming the Christ and the full-orbed presence of that Christed One.

As this gap is narrowed through invocation and application to the sacred fire and through service to one’s fellowman, the goal of oneness with Reality is approached and the possibility, ever present, of ultimate victory is more clearly at hand. Our goal, then, in this series of Pearls of Wisdom is to draw the outer consciousness into greater alignment with the soul and the Christ Self, that man and woman in this age might walk the earth in the full, breathing awareness of the vitality of being sons and daughters of God in the highest sense–joint heirs of the Christ consciousness here and now!

Now, I recommend for your study in conjunction with this dispensation a Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life* written by my illustrious teacher and friend the ascended master Saint Germain. For indeed the key to self-mastery is the glorious fulfillment of light’s Trinity—as above, so below. For the glory of the sun and of the moon and of the stars of which Saint Paul speaks is this glory of the spark of Life, that precious seedling God has sown throughout the vastness of the Cosmic Egg as a focal point for the spiraling of Divinity into manifestation in form in the body of the Mother.

The Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life is currently available in Saint Germain On Alchemy

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