Online Radio: You Have Been Called

Online Radio: You Have Been Called

Encore Air date: November 24, 2015 …You are NOT reading this by accident.


Called? Oh, really? By whom? For what?

When you hear that statement – you have been called – of course you’re going to want details.

Well, let’s start here: there are no accidents. The cosmos is governed by immutable laws, and there is nothing accidental about it. One such law is the Law of Karma.

Karma is exact and inexorable. And it is the mercy of God that we are given opportunity upon opportunity to balance and transmute our karma. In this light, it can be said that wherever we are, we are in the best situation our karma can put us.

In addition to karma, there’s dharma…sometimes referred to as the ‘right way of living.’ It is another way we are called: to serve!

Service certainly adds meaning to life. It can be one of the greatest calls we can answer, especially if that service is offered on behalf of the ascended masters and their mission of bringing souls to eternal light through the ascension.

So here we are.

What makes this non-accidental moment so special…and potentially so transcendent?

Because we are here. Now!

It is entirely possible that it has taken us more lifetimes than we can count to arrive at the threshold of opportunity where we find ourselves in this moment.

Who knows how many steps it has taken, how many tests, how much pain and suffering?

At one level of our being or another (or many!) we have all been searching for meaning, purpose, completion…things that the world alone cannot give us.

We’ve looked far and wide, high and low. We’ve gone through intense cycles of belief (and disbelief)…blazing like a comet.

At other times, we’ve preferred to bank the fires of our consciousness, putting our spiritual fortunes on hold.

Through it all, one thread has united every lifetime, every test and opportunity: our soul’s intense desire to return Home to the heart of God.

When you read that, do you feel a sense of recognition? Do you feel something in the innermost recesses of your being that recognizes the truth of that statement?

You see, you HAVE been called. Your outer mind might not know it yet, but your soul is fully aware of your divine birthright and destiny!

Haven’t there been times when you felt a higher calling, when you sensed a persistent spiritual longing that simply wouldn’t go away?

Like many of your brothers and sisters, you’ve probably followed a spiritual course of study that has taken you here and there, up and down, responding first to this voice, then that…yet never feeling the satisfaction of knowing you’d finally found what you were looking for.

Now you have.

The path outlined through the teachings of the ascended masters is true, practical and unerring. It is the path that will get you safely Home.

Some have already answered the call.

How about you?

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