What Is Your Passion?

What Is Your Passion?

It’s a common question. What motivates and excites you? What gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment? What drives you?

The answers to these questions are important clues to finding your ultimate path…and your ultimate spiritual victory!

You see, whatever inspires you is a clue to your divine blueprint and destiny. In other words, whatever compels you, informs you!

For those of us who follow the teachings of the ascended masters, our passion revolves around our ascension. This is the goal of life, and it is a path anyone can (and, from our point of view, should) follow.

However, it is a path that must be chosen, and by God’s Grace and supreme generosity, we have Free Will…meaning that we all have many choices before us to consider. Some lead to worldly accomplishment, success and satisfaction.

Others offer spiritual exploration that promises to expand our consciousness, but may in the end merely expand and polish our ego.

There is one choice will take us unerringly and safely home: following where the ascended masters lead!

They’ve been where we are, they know what we face every day and they are committed to helping us achieve victory. This is their passion. And when we make their passion our own, we will find our Christ Self and I AM Presence waiting within ready to take us the rest of the way home.

Now that’s something worth getting passionate about!

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