Online Radio: True Gems on the Spiritual Path

Online Radio: True Gems on the Spiritual Path

Of course, we’re referring to the ascended masters.

amethyst crystalsIt doesn’t take a crystal ball to realize that, on the spiritual path, we can use all the help we can get. And the ascended masters are here for us! Their presence and their teachings are truly precious for keeping us focused and on course. And they have given us myriad tools to help us along the way. Violet Flame, the Science of the Spoken Word, decrees…and, from our great Mother Earth, precious gems and crystals.

The Refiner’s Fire is a HOT Fire!

While the refiner’s fire that purifies our souls can be a joyful and gratifying experience, if we’re not careful, we could easily get singed. Since the dawn of consciousness, mankind has discovered that certain substances can be used to harness powerful spiritual energies…to raise consciousness, focus prayer, transmit blessings, heal and ease the rigors on our homeward journey. These are precious gems and crystals.

Gems, Crystals and Our Spiritual Practice

We have always been fascinated with precious gems and crystals. From the Crown Jewels to the Hope Diamond, they have historically been a focus of power, privilege and prestige. They have played pivotal roles in great personal fortunes, in the rise and fall of nations, in the fate of the famous and infamous…and, perhaps most important of all, a presence in virtually all spiritual practices.

Is there a Perfect Master and Crystal for You?

Today, rings, amulets, bracelets, pendants, crowns, armor – gems and crystals in all forms and settings – continue to capture and hold our attention. What are the different qualities of gems and crystals? What are their healing properties? How can they best be used to enhance our spiritual practice? And…is there a relationship between the ascended masters and precious gems and crystals? Absolutely! In fact, there is a perfect crystal and master for you. Like to know more?

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