The Way Home

The Way Home

When life has you feeling trapped, hopeless and alone, there is a sure way out. It requires the use of a brief little mantra, but do not be fooled by its simple message. When you use it, it has the power to cancel out darkness, illusion, sadness, doubt and fear.

It goes like this: “What is that to thee? Follow thou me!” When you recite it, it puts things in perspective immediately.

No matter what you may feel beset by, this powerful little fiat, when repeated, will lift the veil, restore balance and harmony and bring light and renewed hope to any situation.

After you’ve recited it a dozen or more times, you may even find that it makes you laugh, a testament to just how deep and restorative this simple mantra truly is.

Of course, using this tool is not the whole of the path by any means. It’s merely a port in the storm, a rescue remedy that you can always have on hand for emergencies. Just remember that it works and will always leave you feeling Lighter.

It’s your way out. It’s your way Home.

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