The Path of Action

The Path of Action

The path of the ascension, as laid out so clearly by the ascended masters, is a path of action, of doing.

This doing is often referred to as works or fruits. The scriptures don’t say ‘by our thoughts’ or ‘by our words’ shall we be known, but by our works.

And no distinction is made as to the magnitude of the works by which we are judged. All of our works, big and small, are measured by our conscious intention, by our awareness, by our motives.

A small act of kindness, with no thought to personal gain, can be just as powerful as a great act of self-sacrifice.

The Path of Action Is Karma Yoga

This is why the path of action is known as Karma Yoga. It is a practice, a way of life. It is the dharma of works, and understanding the importance of every work we accomplish is vital to our ultimate success on the path.

And in the karmic arena of earth’s schoolroom, there is no recess, no time off for good behavior. The path of action is constant, uncompromising and, in the end, the most rewarding path we will ever take!

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