Strategies of Light and Darkness, Part 6

Strategies of Light and Darkness, Part 6

Indecision & Procrastination
Mess with Your Mind,
Despair and Depression, Just Give Up,
Preempt the Brotherhoods’ Moves

Strategies of Light

We reached the sixth and final installment in our landmark series examining and exposing the plots, plans and nefarious strategies of the fallen ones to steal our light and knock us off the Path. Hopefully, you have found this series interesting, illuminating and, ultimately, strategically useful.

As you have heard throughout this series, discernment, discrimination and determination are the keys to your victory. You must know when you are under attack, what tactics are in play and how to stand fast. Reinforce your determination to emerge from each skirmish stronger, wiser and better protected. That is how you advance on your Homeward journey.

Never forget that your light is priceless. It is your ticket to higher realms. And you are always and ever worthy of your victory and your coming reunion with God.

Remember: by their fruits shall ye know them! When you are properly armored in light, the fallen ones simply do not have a chance!

Strategies of Light and Darkness

Strategies of Light and Darkness book

Written by the staff of Summit University, the Strategies of Light and Darkness outlines the strategies of darkness and the antidotes the Brotherhood released to Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet as the Strategies of Light.

The strategies of darkness that caused the downfall of golden ages, great organizations and people in the past are still successful. Furthermore, they are so effective that the forces using them don't need to develop new ones! As a result, staying attuned to your I AM Presence and accomplishing your divine plan without getting sidetracked means you need to understand them and be ready with the more powerful strategies of light!

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