Strategies of Light and Darkness, Part 1

Strategies of Light and Darkness, Part 1

Separation, Isolation, Feeling Alone

When Lucifer and his followers were cast out of heaven, not only did they lose their heavenly estate, they also lost the ability to gather and garner their own light.

To survive, then, they required an external source. And guess whose light they sought? Ours!

Ever since the rebel angels fell, they have plotted to deprive us of our light. To do this, they have devised a playbook of unfortunately successful light-stealing strategies.

And because these strategies work so well, they are employed over and over again! However, these strategies can be easily defeated, once we know what they are and how to counter them.

This is our focus for this week’s program. We’ll call out and expose the fallen ones’ favorite plots and ploys so that you need never be a victim of them again.

Knowledge by itself may be power, but the right use of knowledge is where the true power resides.

The strategies of light that we will explore will offer you useful knowledge and how to use it to free yourself from darkness forever!

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