Online Radio: The Rosary

Online Radio: The Rosary

The World's Prayer

The rosary is the prayer of choice for much of humanity. Though there are many forms of prayer in the world, some well-known, others shrouded in mystery, there is one form of prayer that virtually everyone knows: the rosary.

Many variations. One result!

Emperor Akbar prayingThe world's religions and spiritual paths are filled with variations on the theme of the rosary. In fact, when it comes to a rhythmic cycle of repeated prayer, this is usually the first example that comes to mind. For good reason!

The rosary is not only memorable, but powerful! The West's version, Mother Mary’s rosary, is renowned for examples of its healing properties. Same for Kuan Yin's Eastern rosary. And it's also true of perhaps the most unique version in the world, Enoch's prophetic rosary.

A Rosary – Simple…yet Powerful!

What makes the rosary so potent? It's because the ascended masters, such as Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, have endowed the giving of the rosary with miraculous power for issues both great and small.

The rosary is the world's prayer and, when used sincerely with passion and conviction, literally changes the world. Give it for life!

Listen to our November 5, 2013 broadcast The Open Door, the Ascended Master Online Radio Show on the Rosary.

Program airs at 12 noon Mountain Time.

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