The Violet Flame Diet

The Violet Flame Diet

Just as we add supplements to fortify our diets for physical health, we should remember that we may add supplements to nourish our spiritual health, as well.

And what is the best spiritual supplement available? Hands down, it is the Violet Flame!

A steady diet of Violet Flame can work wonders in our lives, on all levels of our beings…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Violet Flame is the universal solvent for eradicating negative karma. It works to remove the karmic residue we have accumulated over many lifetimes, and it does so powerfully…yet gently and thoroughly.

The Violet Flame is not only cleansing, it is rejuvenating, uplifting, forgiving and effective! It can be applied wherever we are, whenever we need it. We all constantly carry the weight of negative karma. It’s what stands between us and our ascension in the Light. And for transmuting and balancing karma, there is nothing better or stronger than the Violet Flame.

If you make a commitment to do at least 15-minutes of Violet Flame decrees every day for the next 30 days, it will change your life forever!

  • You will feel happier and more joyful
  • Your mind will be clearer and your focus sharper
  • You will clarify and refocus your life’s purpose
  • You will shed a significant portion of your accumulated negative karma
  • And, before you know it, you’ll be in the best spiritual shape of your life

After 30-days, you just might decide to make your Violet Flame diet permanent.

Just do a little every day. It couldn’t be simpler. And if you want to do more than 15-minutes each day, please do! The more Violet Flame you give, the more negative karma you transmute.

Want to really get your chakras spinning? Try doing your Violet Flame practice with a good friend or loved one (or more than one!). When you decree together with others, the power and effect of your decrees is greatly magnified.

Truth is, you cannot do too much Violet Flame. Use it to saturate your body, your soul, your family. Send a cascade of Violet Flame wherever you feel it could be useful in the world. No cause is too big or too small for the Violet Flame to have a powerful impact.

Here’s something else you might like to know: angels love the Violet Flame. Ask them to join you when you decree. They will come at your call.

Just remember to be consistent, because if you are, those 15-minutes each day can literally bring about a spiritual rebirth, cleansing our chakras, revitalizing our cells, atoms and electrons…and giving us a new lease on Life.

Try a 30-day diet of Violet Flame and see how you feel. Sign up for the 30 day Challenge and get 30 days of encouraging emails plus your free gift of the Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul PDF ebook.

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