Lord Maitreya’s Mystery School

Lord Maitreya’s Mystery School

Mystery School. Sounds appropriately mysterious, doesn’t it?

Fact is, mystery schools—sponsored by highly evolved teachers and ascended beings—have been around as long as mankind.

Some of these we may remember. Pythagoras’ Academy at Crotona, the Druids, the Essenes, Christ’s community of the “called-out” ones, the Sangha of the Buddha, the School of the Sangreal at King Arthur’s court…which we know as Camelot.

And Lord Maitreya’s Mystery School at the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana.

The mystery schools exist to impart the wisdom of God and the ages, to instill a dynamism of the spirit that the world fails to deliver, and to serve as an open door through which understanding is gained and the goal of life achieved: the ascension.

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