The Mystery and Mission of Jesus

The Mystery and Mission of Jesus

As much as we think we know him, many aspects of Jesus’ life and mission remain a mystery. Did He really die for our sins, or did he actually come to hold the karma of our sins at bay until we could bear it ourselves? Did he come to play a rare and unique role in history, or did he come as an example of what we, too, might achieve by following his example?

Questioning Jesus’ role
can be hazardous to your health

Not long ago, even raising questions about Jesus’ mission could have easily led to a death sentence. That is a measure of how strongly, over time, some followers of Jesus have believed in their version of reality. But human versions of reality are always open to question. And, while all true believers profess a passion for the truth, they are not typically open or comfortable with honest debate.

Unquestioning belief can sometimes get in the way of a clear examination of truth.

Jesus came to champion Life and freedom, to be an exemplar of personal accountability and self-mastery, to show us all the transcendent power of Universal Christhood. His message of freedom was so potent and liberating that dark forces have worked ceaselessly ever since to undermine it, thus obscuring the true path home to God.

Think about it. Can a simple profession of faith really overcome the immutable law of karma?

Balancing karma is the pathway to freedom, and Jesus would never take that opportunity from us.

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