Leading by Example

Leading by Example

The OPEN DOOR October 2nd: Leading by Example Tune in at 11 AM Pacific; Noon, MT.

Good leaders don’t just tell you what to do, they show you. They lead by example. A live demonstration of virtue is far more compelling and memorable than an explanation or definition.

Those of us who desire to live a life of virtue, honor, integrity, principle and higher spiritual consciousness become leaders whether we know it or not.

Most people aspire to be better and come up higher, and when they see someone else with the same purpose, they may well seek to emulate what they are shown.

This happens almost automatically when we embrace the ascended masters’ teachings. This is the boundless wisdom vouchsafed to the ascended masters by God and freely given to us!

These teachings describe a path that all may follow to come up higher, and the light released along the way is powerful and compelling. We become what we focus on, and this is what we show others.

So it is a good idea to be conscious of the fact that we are leaders, and to learn to lead well by following the masters’ example.

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