Online Radio: Jesus’ Lost Years

Online Radio: Jesus’ Lost Years

Where Did He Go…and Why?

Jesus lost years - in IndiaWhen Jesus was around 13, he disappeared. Where did he go? By most accounts, He seemed to have simply vanished for the better part of two decades!

More questions than answers…

For centuries, scholars have speculated on Jesus’ whereabouts when he was still a young man, basically from ages 13 to 30. Until recently, those 17 years have remained a mystery.

…Until Now!

Now, thanks to physical evidence found in a secluded monastery in Tibet and other compelling documentation, the mystery of Jesus lost years has been solved. Why Tibet? Why is there no reference in the Bible to Jesus’ sojourn to the East and why is there such scant evidence elsewhere in the Christian world for where Jesus was as a young man?

Meet Lois Drake

Lois Drake, author of ISSA, the Greatest Story Never Told will take us on a fascinating journey of discovery and reveal the facts about Jesus’ Lost Years. Her intriguing story of Jesus’ travels and study in the East will leave you spell-bound…and eager for more.

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