Online Radio: Jesus on Atlantis

Online Radio: Jesus on Atlantis

Was Jesus on Atlantis?

Long before Atlantis was destroyed and the continent disappeared forever beneath the ocean's waves, it experienced at least one sustained golden age. And during its great golden age that endured for more than 2000 years, one of its most exalted and esteemed rulers was an incarnation of the great master we know today as Jesus the Christ, along with one of the incarnations of his beloved twin flame, Magda.

What was life like on Atlantis?

Imagine a year divided into 33 weeks, each consisting of eleven days. Imagine a single religion shared by all that honored one God. Imagine a society that universally revered women second only to their reverence for God. Imagine harnessing mental powers barely conceived of today. Imagine a caste system without rancor or resentment. Imagine a mass transit system powered by secret forces of nature. Imagine an educational system that was both rigorous and comprehensive, one that was required for any citizen who wished to vote and to serve. This was Atlantis.

Were You There?

It is quite possible that you were there on Atlantis, both during its extended golden age, as well as during it fall from grace and eventual destruction. In fact, numerous indications point to the reality that many former Atlanteans have re-embodied in America.

Perhaps you feel a special affinity and sensitivity to this subject. If you do, listen to our January 7th broadcast of Jesus on Atlantis on The OPEN DOOR as we share more on this fascinating topic.

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