Is the Second Coming Near?

Is the Second Coming Near?

Throughout the Christian world, the Second Coming of the Christ is a widely held belief and fervently anticipated event. But Christians are not alone in this belief.

Islam, for example, awaits the coming of Hadhrat Isa. Other religions and cultures have similar beliefs focused on the return of a savior or Christed One. Notable ‘second coming’ beliefs and traditions include Tibet’s Gesar Khan, Buddhism’s Maitreya Buddha, Hinduism’s Kalki Avatar, even the legendary King Arthur is seen by some in this light.

So how close are we to this blessed event? Could the second coming actually be near?

Consider the possibility that the real Second Coming is a uniquely personal event; that it is, in fact, the awakening of the Christ Self within each heart.

So there’s no more waiting. It is happening right now!

The ascended masters teach us that it was Jesus’ mission to demonstrate this principle of Christhood as a path that all may follow.

It is the awareness of the Universal Christ that resides within each heart, the Sonship we all share, our true Reality and birthright. And it is our re-awakening to this Reality – to the Son of God in all – that is the true second coming.

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