How to Spot a False Teacher

How to Spot a False Teacher

Jesus foretold the coming of the false teachers in the ‘last days.’ He said they would be wolves in sheep’s clothing who would show great signs and great wonders to deceive the elect.

These ego-driven arch-deceivers are clever, charming, very convincing…and very deadly. Pure and simple, these false teachers are after your light and they will gladly derail you from the true path to get that light.

So how can you tell a false teacher from a true one?

That is the subject of this new series, and one of the first indications that you may be dealing with a false teacher is if you notice a lot of human ego and human will. There will be flattery, charisma, pride…anything and everything that might appeal to and gratify your human consciousness.

A true teacher will seek to help you overcome the carnal mind, not embellish it. A true teacher will, like the true shepherd, lay down his life for his flock. The false teacher has no such desire.

A true teacher will show you his light. A false teacher has none.

Please join us for this multi-part series and, in part one, learn to discern.

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