How to Spot a False Teacher, Part 3

How to Spot a False Teacher, Part 3

Part 3: False Teachings Exposed

Tune in to How to Spot a False Teacher on The Open Door on Ascended Master Online Radio – Tuesday, February 27th at Noon, MT.

In our desire to come up higher, many of us have come into contact with charismatic, inspirational teachers. Some of them may have been the real deal and we have been fortunate to learn from them. But many of them pitch dubious programs designed to deceive the naive and unprepared.

These false teachers have a deep, varied and well-used bag of tricks to persuade the earnest spiritual seeker to abandon common sense and embrace false and spiritually harmful doctrines.

To the uninitiated, this pursuit of high-minded promises of self-improvement and liberating human experience only serves to part them from, at the very least, their money and, at the very worst, their light.


Because while the student is busy getting ‘in touch’ with his human self, he may be losing touch with his Christ Self.

In this third installment in our series on false teachers and their dark methods, we take a critical look at what these teachers do and how they manage to manipulate and hoodwink the unwary.

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