Online Radio: Hold on to Your Light!

Online Radio: Hold on to Your Light!

Strategies of Light and Darkness

Not Every Angel is Your Friend

Just as there are angels of light, there are angels of darkness. This recognition is essential for all those who seek and serve the Light, because these dark angels are tireless in their efforts to steal our light.

When the rebel angels fell, they were cast down to earth and blocked from their source of light …and they need light to survive. Having none of their own, where do they turn for what they need? Unfortunately, we are their primary target of opportunity.

Be Prepared!

Forewarned is fore-armed! When we understand that the fallen ones covet our light and that they have developed strategies for stealing that light from us, we will be much less likely to fall victim to their dark plots and ploys.

In Strategies of Light and Darkness, a remarkable compilation of teachings from Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, we see clear strategies of the fallen ones to steal our light…AND we are given proven tactics for counteracting these nefarious strategies and holding on to what we have.

We will encounter evil on the path…

…and it’s what we do with these encounters that will prove our mastery. You see, every time we are faced with evil and any attempt to steal or squander our light, we are really being given an opportunity to gain self-mastery.

Meet every encounter with confidence

When we can embrace our tests with confidence, knowing that we are fully prepared for them, we will win the battle for our light. The knowledge, armor and the wisdom of the ascended masters will give us the confidence to emerge victorious!

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