Good Government and God’s Will

Good Government and God’s Will


When it’s time to choose a leader, no matter where or at what level, the question often arises: who is God’s choice?

When we look at a slate of candidates, it’s not always easy to tell which of them embodies the God qualities we’d like to see in a leader.

Making things even more complicated, we are told that we get the leader we deserve. So no matter what qualities we may see in a candidate, if we haven’t stood up for our principles and worked by word or example to promote the right choice, we are basically leaving it to others to decide who will lead, something we simply can’t afford to do.

So, before we look outside ourselves for reasons why certain individuals are elected to our government, we can look within. What are we doing personally to make sure the right candidates are elected? Now, this doesn’t mean we have to start canvassing or campaigning or fund-raising (though these are all fine choices, given time and resources). But there’s another wonderful choice that we all can do no matter who we support or where we live..prayer!

We can pray for unity, clarity, harmony and victory; for people to wake up and see the truth. When we do this, then we can accept the Will of God with a clear heart and clean conscience.

And remember the words of Padre Pio: Pray. Hope. And don’t worry!

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