Online Radio: The Gift of Forgiveness

Online Radio: The Gift of Forgiveness

One of the greatest and most enduring gifts we can give others – and ourselves! – is forgiveness. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving! And the choice to forgive must extend far beyond the major transgressions we normally associate with the act.

Forgiveness Heals

Forgiveness is essential for all “sins” big or small, real or imagined. Not surprisingly, a lack of forgiveness has been linked to illness, physical and mental. Holding on to an act in ourselves or others for which we feel we cannot offer or accept forgiveness, cuts us off from the full beam of God’s Energy.

Forgiveness Keeps Us Connected to God

God loves us, and we when we fail to forgive, we deny that Love, which affects our ability to fully experience the free exchange of this most sacred energy. When we refuse to forgive, we also deny ourselves healing. In fact, the residues of non-forgiveness can build up to the point of threatening our very life force.

Like any valuable skill, forgiveness may not come easy at first. But the rewards are well worth the effort!

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