Online Radio: The Five Secret Rays

Online Radio: The Five Secret Rays

And the Trial by Fire

The secret rays are a haven for the blessed.

This is a quote from the ascended masters regarding the five secret rays. What are they, what do they do…and what are they a haven from? The five secret rays take us within to the Mind of Christ and the thoughts of God, and they prepare us for the trail by fire.

The Soul Must Be Stripped of Her Darkness

The trial by fire is the all-consuming flame we must pass through prior to our ascensions that strips the soul of her darkness. If, by our free will choice, we daily consume and transmute our miscreations (our karma) through the violet flame and accept the release of the five secret rays, we will be prepared for this ultimate soul trial. Call it a dress rehearsal.

Perfect the Love, Wisdom and Power of God Within

By invoking the five secret rays, we perfect the power, love, wisdom, faith, purity and the goodwill of God in our lives. The action of the secret rays beings the seven rays into focus, and by our masterful actions, we are readied for our soul’s final exam. To learn more about how to literally stand in the secret rays and shine, tune in this Tuesday at noon Mountain.

Listen to the November 12, 2013 on The Open Door, the Ascended Master Online Radio Show on the 5 Secret Rays.

Programs air live at 12 noon Mountain Time.

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