Enlightenment Master Class, Part 9

Enlightenment Master Class, Part 9

A Time for Doing

Observing ourselves is always a good practice. In fact, self-examination and inner probing are essential activities of the spiritual seeker who is intent on gaining self-mastery. However, mastery is more than merely an academic pursuit.

We’re all imperfect. That’s a given. And the ascended masters tell us that healing our psychology is vital to successfully navigating our spiritual path.

Yet, sometimes, in our zeal to overcome our human foibles and limitations, our personal examination can become excessive, causing us to lose ourselves in self-concern.

Instead, our mastery must be demonstrated. And this demonstration can best be achieved through service.

Through our service to others, we may give them the momentum they need to overcome their own human limitations.

So, love people free. Bless them with your Light. Celebrate the Christhood you share.

The power of this vision will bring us all higher. And, in the doing, we come full circle to manifesting our own self-mastery.

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